Northwest Native American Tableware March 23 2014, 1 Comment

Here at Northwest Coast Gifts, we often receive requests as to what people can pack as gifts to represent Canada while they are traveling. What is a beautiful yet practical item to give that symbolizes the Pacific Northwest and takes up little space? Well, we have dozens of options!


Native American Feast Dish and Platter


We offer a broad selection of serving sets. Ranging in price from $38.00 CAD to $160.00 CAD, these sets can be used as salad tongs or ladles. Durable and dishwasher safe, all of our serving sets will generate compliments at the dinner table:


Corrine Hunt Recycled Glass Serving Set

Corrine Hunt Recycled Glass Serving Set


Totem Native Serving Set

Polished Pewter Totem Serving Set


We also have a wonderful selection of trays and platters that reflect the West Coast and can be used in day-to-day life. Traditionally, Indigenous communities on the West Coast would use shells or flat pieces of wood as plates, but ceremonial feast dishes and platters were always adorned with carving, painting, and even abalone inlay. Oral history and archaeological finds have demonstrated that nesting dishes were also produced for special meals and events:


Corrine Hunt Glass Nesting Platters

Corrine Hunt Recycled Glass Nesting Platters


Bamboo Salmon Feast Dish


Northwest Coast Gifts also offers a diverse range of decorative and practical knives. From cheese to spreads, and from smoked salmon to pate, these uniquely Northwest Native knives can be used to serve a wide variety of items at your next party, dinner, or family gathering:


Corrine Hunt Cheese Knife

Corrine Hunt Recycled Glass Cheese Knife


Native American Raven Knife

Polished Pewter and Steel Pate Knife


The next time you are traveling, or looking for that perfect Canadian-themed gift, look to Northwest Coast Gifts and Lattimer Gallery. We always offer complimentary gift wrapping by request, and we ship internationally. We also include artist and symbolism sheets with every piece that we sell, so recipients are provided with some background information about their pieces.