Jazmine Cook Panels

Haida disc sculpture Native American wall plaque Round Native Panel

Northwest Coast Gifts has started carrying the work of young Namgis/Musgamagw artist Jazmine McCrimmon-Cook. Hailing from Victoria on Vancouver Island, Jazmine is the daughter of noted artist Rande Cook, and has been working under him since 2011. Rande has established himself as a progressive and provocative artist in the Northwest Coast art market, and he is also a strong leader within his Kwakwaka’wakw culture, carrying two chieftainships. Jazmine has participated in a number of potlatches and feasts hosted by her family and she continues to be involved culturally. Having been interested in art from a very young age, Jazmine is currently being mentored by her father, and her latest creations include dramatic red cedar panels in various designs and sizes.


Thunderbird Panel


Jazmine utilizes a non-traditional process in order to create these pieces; sandblasting to expose the grain of the wood, creating ridges where the softwood is removed and hardwood remains. The results are stunning as it creates a multi-dimensional texture to contrast the graphic Thunder design. The Thunderbird is prominently displayed in Kwakwaka’wakw art, with legends proclaiming a special relationship between this powerful creature and the Kwakwaka’wakw people, exchanging aid during crises for honour and portrayal in art.


Large Thunderbird Panel


Northwest Coast Gifts is now selling two sizes: a 12" diameter size for $200.00 and a 24" diameter size for $600.00. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery on these unique pieces.

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  • Doug on

    I’m very interested in Jazmine’s “Thunder” 24inch. Could you please tell me if, or when, you can supply this?
    Also any other versions of her panel work. I live in England so would also like to know the shipping costs.
    Best Regards

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