Accessories for Men

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A great deal of engraved jewellery in the Northwest Coast Native art market is designed with women in mind. This can make it difficult for gift-giving, and can be frustrating for our male clientele. However, many artists - including West Coast carver Justin Rivard - also create pieces with men in mind. Northwest Coast Gifts has recently added two items that are popular gifts for men. 


Moneyclips, or billfolds, are a functional way to carry a bit of the Pacific Northwest with you... where ever you go! Available in both small ($125 CAD) and large ($200 CAD) sizes, these sterling silver and hand-engraved moneyclips are the best way to keep those bills and credit cards in place.

Our cufflinks are also a wonderful combination of functional accessory and Northwest Native art. Measuring 3/4" in diameter and priced at $130 CAD, these cufflinks are a great way to represent the Pacific Northwest in a stylish and subtle manner. 

Please note that custom designs are definitely available. Just drop us an email with your request and we will do the best we can to accommodate you.

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