Flat Brim Native Hat September 28 2013, 0 Comments

What keeps you dry from these autumn showers? Yes, umbrellas...but also Northwest Coast Gifts' sweet black-on-black New Era style flat brim hats! Adjustable and fashion-forward with its urban design, this cap depicts a hand that has been taken from a Beau Dick design titled Hands of Friendship. This design represents bonds between people. The Sun Chief is the provider of healing energy and life, put into the sky by Raven, the rays are means of our travel between earth and sky. The light brings everyone together: the sun and the hands. There are four pairs of hands to represent the four seasons and directions. The face in the centre of the design is one of strength and the star in the forehead is the link between day and night.


These subtle and sleek caps are available for $28 CAD from Northwest Coast Gifts and can be shipped internationally.