Native Talking Sticks

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As a symbol of authority and communication, the Northwest Native talking stick is the perfect gift for those teachers, lecturers, and spouses in your life. Northwest Coast Gifts offers several versions of small talking sticks.

Jim Yelton is a Coast Salish artist who has been carving for over thirty years. His talking sticks are characterized by bold design and a rustic charm. He can create these in any size on request, and Northwest Coast Gifts always stocks a great number of his small talking sticks. These measure between 9"-10" and are signed on the back. Jim often decorates the handles with a carved feather, which symbolizes actual eagle feathers that hang from large, ceremonial talking sticks.

Wes Wyse is a young carver who creates two sizes of smaller boxed talking sticks. Wes' talking sticks are very popular as speakers' gifts and corporate awards because the red cedar boxes he creates allow for a formal presentation of the carvings. His smaller boxed sticks are $100.00 CAD and measure 10", and his larger boxed sticks are $150.00 CAD and measure approximately 12".

For generations, ceremonial staffs have been in use. It is known that they are an important and respected badge of the Speaker or Chief during potlatches and other occasions. Talking sticks represent authority and teaching. The stick is held by the Chief or highest ranked member of those present, or by the Chief’s Orator. The Orator is either an elected or hereditary official who would reside in the household of the lineage Chief. Any other person wishing to address the assembly would take possession of the talking stick during their speech. Whoever held the stick had the right to speak and everyone present would respectfully listen. Various crest symbols are carved on each talking stick.

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