Charles Edenshaw Show at the VAG October 30 2013, 0 Comments

Although he was Haida, Charles Edenshaw has influenced First Nations artists throughout British Columbia for over 100 years. From his flawless technique to his impeccable composition - and from his versatility to his innovation - Edenshaw is a luminary in many respects. Living between 1839-1920, colonial activity was Edenshaw's catalyst for creation. He produced everything from argillite totem poles to hand-engraved cuff bracelets for visitors and settlers, yet his standards and originality never faltered despite the fact that he was creating for tourists rather than collectors. 


Charles Edenshaw Argillite Platter


The Vancouver Art Gallery has amassed over 200 works either created by or attributed to this master artist for their current exhibition Charles Edenshaw. It is highly unlikely that this many works by Edenshaw will ever be together in one place again. This engaging show is both a lesson in Northwest Coast design and a cultural highlight in Vancouver's entertainment calendar that simply cannot be missed. It runs from now until February 2nd, 2014.