Acrylic Tuque by Ben Houstie, Bella Bella

Acrylic Tuque by Ben Houstie, Bella Bella

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This bold black and red knitted toque is the perfect accessory for anybody’s head. It is stretchy, warm, and stylish - and comes with a cute pom-pom! The pattern on the toque is Eagle Crest by Bella Bella artist Ben Houstie.

The Eagle is a symbol of pride and friendship. Eagle feathers are given as gifts to symbolize honour and respect for accomplishments and displays of courage and wisdom. Because Eagles mate for life, they are also admired for their long term commitments.

Dimensions: Adult one-size-fits-all. Toque is about 11’’ long including pom-pom.

Material: 100% knitted acrylic wool.

Each toque comes with information on the artist and the design.

Licensed reproductions with royalties paid to every artist.

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