Cotton Eco Tote Bag | Spirit Wolf by Paul Windsor

Cotton Eco Tote Bag | Spirit Wolf by Paul Windsor

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Made of 100% unbleached cotton and printed with water based ink these Eco Tote Bags are the prefect sustainable solution for your daily shopping needs. Lightweight and strong they can take the weight of your groceries and everyday essentials and can be easily folded to carry with you on the go. Vibrant and playful this tote features bold print of the Spirit Wolf, designed by Haisla/Heiltsuk artist Paul Windsor

The Wolf  can be considered a symbol of leadership and intelligence. The wolf shows us strength in relationships and the importance of strong family values. 

Dimensions: 14" x 16.5" with 12" long handles. 

Material: Unbleached Cotton 

Each tote bag comes with information on the artist and design.  


Licensed reproductions with royalties paid to every artist.

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