Faux Leather Travel Wallet by Maxine Noel, Oglala Sioux

Faux Leather Travel Wallet by Maxine Noel, Oglala Sioux

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The Faux Leather Travel Wallets by Maxine Noel offer a beautiful animal friendly option for storing your tickets, passport, cards, cash and cell phones. This Travel Wallet features a Mother Winter design, perfect for Winter!

"Art is the purest and truest expression of an individual… in it are all manners of things one is not always able to express verbally." - Maxine Noel

Ioyan Mani (Maxine Noel) is Oglala Sioux and was born on the Birdtail Reservation in Manitoba. Noel is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist. Through her use of fluid images, flowing lines and subtle colours she seeks to represent the generosity and loving sensibilities shared by many Indigenous Peoples across Canada. Noel speaks nationally and internationally on art and social issues, assisting in bridging the gap between Indigenous and non-indigenous Peoples, the young and the old. In 2019, Noel was a recipient of the Order of Canada for her notable achievements and for her work in promoting creative expression within Indigenous communities.

Dimensions: 12.5 x 21 cm

Box Colour Colour: Black

Each item comes beautifully packaged in a sleek black box with silver embossed text, a black fabric pouch, an artist biography and design information for instant gift giving.

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