Spirit Bear Coffee Taster Set by Spirit Bear Coffee Co.

Spirit Bear Coffee Taster Set by Spirit Bear Coffee Co.

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Enjoy the taste of luscious, locally produced, 100% Fair-trade and Organic coffee with our Taster Set by Spirit Bear Coffee! Enjoy 3 yummy coffee packages including their signature Medium Roast, of give yourself that midday boost with their dark French roast! Each coffee pack feature stunning artwork by Spirit Bear Coffee co-founder, Tsimshian artist Bill Helin.

Frog Breakfast Blend features a combination of Latin American coffees to produce a high caffeine content, rich sweet aroma, great flavour and a very pleasant and short finish. 

Eagle Medium Roast features soaring flavour and superb strength to produce a full bodied cup. Blended from the finest Central and South American beans, Eagle's great taste is sure to satisfy.

Thunderbird Dark French Roast features a spicy and complex flavour combining the richness of three varietals from Latin America. 

Pair with one of our beautiful coffee mugs from our Bright Delights, Ecological Living or On the Move collections to create the perfect seasonal gift! 

The Eagle is a symbol of pride and friendship. Eagle feathers are given as gifts to symbolize honour and respect for accomplishments and displays of courage and wisdom. Because Eagles mate for life, they are also admired for their long term commitments.

The Thunderbird is a supernatural being and symbol of power. They live in the mountains and have lightning sticks under their wings. As thunder rolls, eyes blink and lightning flashes.

Spirit Bear Coffee, is Canada’s first Indigenous owned and operated coffee company specializing in 100% organic and fair-trade coffee production. Based in Port Coquitlam in British Columbia, Spirit Bear Coffee is now a nation-wide brand championing delicious coffee brews that feature stunning artwork by co-founder, Tsimshian artist Bill Helin. Their environmental advocacy sees proceeds from their enterprises supporting several social initiatives across Canada including Ocean Alliance, Raincoast Conservation Foundation and Northern Light Wildlife Shelter. 

Dimensions Coffee: 70g. 

Materials: 100% organic and fair-trade coffee.

Each Taster Set includes 3 packets of Spirit Bear Coffee and comes with information on the maker, artist and Ingredients.


Licensed reproductions with royalties paid to every artist.

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