Acrylic Tuque by Leila Stogan, Musqueam/Coast Salish

Acrylic Tuque by Leila Stogan, Musqueam/Coast Salish

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Celebrate the traditional weaving style of the People of the River Grass! This knitted persimmon and blue toque is the perfect accessory for anybody’s head. It is stretchy, warm, and stylish - and comes with a cute pom-pom! This acrylic toque features a Salish weaving design that was made with traditional Musqueam weaving techniques. The pattern on the toque is Spirit of the Sky by Coast Salish/Musqueam artist Leila Stogan.

The Thunderbird is a supernatural being and symbol of power. They live in the mountains and have lightning sticks under their wings. As thunder rolls, eyes blink and lightning flashes.

Dimensions: Adult one-size-fits-all. Toque is about 11’’ long including pom-pom.

Material: 100% knitted acrylic wool.

Each toque comes with information on the artist and the design.

Licensed reproductions with royalties paid to every artist.

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