Taan's Moons: A Haida Moon Story by Alison Gear
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Taan's Moons: A Haida Moon Story by Alison Gear

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Taan's moons is an art-based picture book developed by Alison Gear, Kiki van der Heiden, and the student artists of Haida Gwaii. In Haida language taan refers to the bear, and the Haida people have a unique way of recording time according to the way the bear follows the seasons of the year. This method identifies 13 moons, each relating to the habits of the bear. During a three month art project involving primary grade students at Haida Gwaii elementary schools, the author, artist, and student artists worked together to create this picture book about the bear's moons. Taan's moons also includes information about the Haida language and the art of felting.


Format: Hardcover 

Pages: 38 pages

Published: 2016 

Language: Haida and English 


Licensed reproductions with royalties paid to every artist. 

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