Handwoven Cedar Bark Sculpture | Octopus by Jessica Silvey

Handwoven Cedar Bark Sculpture | Octopus by Jessica Silvey

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Also known as Red Cedar Woman, Coast Salish/Portuguese weaver Jessica Silvey is a known for her traditional and contemporary cedar bark baskets, hats, mays and Salish blankets. We are delighted to host a unique range of handwoven red cedar bark items from her weaving studio including these fabulous Cedar Bark Devilfish (Octopus) Sculptures! 

Jessica Silvey is a Coast Salish/Portuguese fibre artist, weaver and educator from Egmont, BC. Also known as Red Cedar Woman, Jessica harvests and prepares her own materials as well as traditional plants for dyes and medicines. Her love for weaving and fibre arts, coupled with a background in museum curating inspired her to Red Cedar Woman Weaving Studio;  an Indigenous-owned and operated company that focuses on the creation of unique, authentic Indigenous items and creating a space for community learning and arts workshops. Jessica regularly teaches at various BC based learning institutions. Jessica expresses her gratitude to be able to live her life using the natural resources within her traditional territory or in trade from neighbouring nations just as her ancestors have since time immemorial through her work and artistic practice.

Octopus represents transformation. Commonly referred to as Devilfish, the Octopus is a secondary crest figure but is central to many myths along the Northwest Coast. The Octopus has close links to shamanism and transformation symbolism due to its ability to change colour and shape.

Each sculptures comes with  information of the design and a biography of the artist. 


At Lattimer Gallery we work directly with our artists to provide the highest quality, authentic art from across British Columbia. Please allow 4-8 weeks if the item needs to be custom ordered. 

Please note texture, colouration and shape of cedar bark items change over time and therefore form will vary for item to item. 

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