10 Sterling Silver Totem Beads | Various Designs by Justin Rivard
10 Sterling Silver Totem Beads | Various Designs by Justin Rivard

10 Sterling Silver Totem Beads | Various Designs by Justin Rivard

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These charming and versatile sterling silver beads are created by Cree artist, Justin Rivard. Handcarved with symbols that represent the primary family crests found within Northwest Coast Indigenous culture, these beads can be stacked, strung, or integrated into bracelets and necklaces.

The Hummingbird is the joyful messenger and a symbol of health. When a Hummingbird appears, healing will follow.

The Wolf can be considered a symbol of leadership, family and loyalty.

The Bear is a symbol of authority and wisdom. Bear is a well-respected member of the community and sometime referred to as the protector of the forests.

The Orca is a communicator and highly regarded guardian of the sea. Whales travel together and symbolize long life and unity.

The Frog is the voice of the people and a symbol of innocence, stability and communication. It is also considered to be good luck.

The Eagle is a symbol of pride and friendship. 

The Raven is the transformer and the creator, Raven placed the sun and moon in the sky so the world would have light and also put the trees on land and fish in water. This primordial creature opened the clamshell to release the first man. He is known for his knowledge, trickery and creativity.

The Thunderbird is a supernatural being and symbol of power. They live in the mountains and have lightning sticks under their wings. As thunder rolls, eyes blink and lightning flashes.

The Salmon is a symbol of abundance, prosperity and rejuvenation.

Dimensions: 2" x 1" 5/16" x 1/2" x opening 3/8" dia.

Metal: Sterling Silver

Each bead comes with an artist biography and design information in a beautiful black box with our logo - a silky ribbon and bow too!


These beads retail for $40 each but are available in a discounted lot of 10 for $360. Please indicate the three designs you would like in the notes at checkout. 

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