Polyester Satin Stripe Scarf | Salmon by Anthony Joseph

Polyester Satin Stripe Scarf | Salmon by Anthony Joseph

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The shimmering colours and silky textures of the salmon are brought to life with this stunning Salmon design by Coast Salish artist Anthony Joseph. Made from polyester these scarf give a luxurious look that can meet the demands of everyday ware. Fashion around the shoulders, neck or head to brighten up any formal look.

The Salmon is a symbol of abundance, wealth and prosperity because Salmon is the primary food source for Northwest Coastal people, representing the ability to provide for your family.  Salmon are Supernatural beings who give up their life to feed our people.  We hold them in high esteem and honour their return every year.

Dimensions: 59" x 19"

Material: 100% Silk. Hand-wash and air dry, or dry clean only.

Each Polyester Satin Stripe Scarf comes in a black paper package, with a window to see the design and information on the artist and design.

Licensed reproductions with royalties paid to every artist.

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