Red Cedar Box | Hands of Friendship by Beau Dick
Red Cedar Box | Hands of Friendship by Beau Dick
Red Cedar Box | Hands of Friendship by Beau Dick

Red Cedar Box | Hands of Friendship by Beau Dick

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Made from reclaimed red cedar wood, these Bentwood Boxes are not only beautiful and functional but ecologically conscious. Part of our Lattimer Gallery Exclusive Collection this bentwood box is cut with the Hands of Friendship design by Kwakwaka’wakw artist Beau Dick
"The Lattimer Gallery logo was designed by Beau Dick in 1986 and it is a representation of friendship, something to which we all aspire. The Sun Chief is the provider of healing energy and life, put into the sky by Raven and the rays are a means of travel between earth and sky. The light brings everyone together: the sun and the hands. There are four pairs of hands to represent the four seasons and directions. The face in the center of the design is one of strength and the star in the forehead is the link between day and night." - Peter Lattimer, Owner - Lattimer Gallery.  
Bentwood Boxes are unique to the Northwest Coast First Nations Peoples of British Columbia and are used for ceremonial and practical purposes; from burial boxes for ancestors to storage of clothing and household items. Bentwood Boxes are made by seamlessly steam bending a plank of cedar to create the box form. Lattimer Gallery hosts a stunning collection of handmade Bentwood Boxes, check them out to find out more!
Dimensions: 2 5/8" x 3 1/2" x 3 1/2"

Materials: Reclaimed Red Cedar

Each box comes information on the design and a biography of the artist. 


At Lattimer Gallery we work directly with our artists to provide the highest quality, authentic art from across British Columbia. 

Please note that each box is hand-made and unique and therefore may differ slightly from the image above in coloration and texture. 

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