Polyester Satin Stripe Scarf | Wolf by Jim Charlie

Polyester Satin Stripe Scarf | Wolf by Jim Charlie

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The bold features of the wolf are brought to life with this stunning Wolf design by Squamish artist Jim Charlie. Made from polyester these scarf give a luxurious look that can meet the demands of everyday ware. Fashion around the shoulders, neck or head to brighten up any formal look.

The Wolf  can be considered a symbol of leadership and intelligence.  The wolf people shows us strength in relationships and the importance of strong family values.  Wolves live and hunt in packs or family groups.

Dimensions: 59" x 19"

Material: Polyester. Hand-wash and air dry, or dry clean only.

Each Polyester Satin Stripe Scarf comes in a black paper package, with a window to see the design and information on the artist and design.

Licensed reproductions with royalties paid to every artist.

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