Framed Art Card by Bill Reid, Haida
Framed Art Card by Bill Reid, Haida
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Framed Art Card by Bill Reid, Haida

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These printed art cards with frame feature the art of world renowned Haida artist Bill Reid

The Swg'ag'ann (Sockeye Salmon) is a symbol of plentitude, rejuvenation and good fortune. 

The Skiamsm (Adolescent Thunderbird) is a symbol of power. 

Dimensions: 14.25" x 12"

Frame Colour: Black

Each art card comes framed with an artist biography and design information as well as hanging attachments. 


Licensed reproductions with royalties paid to every artist. 

Please note that each frame is custom made and a wait time of 2 weeks may apply to your purchase. Please also note that every effort will be made to ship items without damage but there is always a risk when shipping glass. Northwest Coast Gifts will not cover the cost of items damaged in the mail.

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